The Kinsey Institute areas a large number of questions regarding sex, sex, reproduction, as well as other subjects. Consult the subjects below for responses, data, and resources to the many frequently expected concerns.

The Kinsey Institute areas a large number of questions regarding sex, sex, reproduction, as well as other subjects. Consult the subjects below for responses, data, and resources to the many frequently expected concerns.

Commonly searched topics

  • The Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale (Kinsey Scale)
  • Analysis and statistics on condom usage
  • Penis size bibliography


This isn’t a repository for several responses and data associated with sexuality that is human sex, or reproduction. The following only addresses questions frequently expected regarding the Kinsey Institute and its own scientists. All information includes research sources and/or links to published studies and extra information. [KI] denotes any response Kinsey Institute that is citing research.

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(Bondage, Discipline, Domination/Submission, Sadism/Masochism)

  • In a sample that is small had been no significant differences when considering BDSM practitioners and also the basic populace on measures of psychopathology, despair, anxiety, OCD, and emotional sadism and masochism. Read more В»
  • 1.8percent of intimately active individuals (2.2percent of males, 1.3percent of females) stated they’d been associated with BDSM when you look at the year that is previous. Read more В»
  • 12% of females and 22% of males reported response that is erotic a SM tale. (Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, 1953)
  • 55% of females and 50% of males reported having reacted erotically to being bitten. (Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, 1953)

Intimate wellness

  • CDC estimates that one or more million individuals are coping with HIV in the us, with one out of five unacquainted with their disease. Read more В»

Penis size

  • [KI] The average erect penis of males in america is 5–7 ins therefore the circumference that is average 4-6 ins. Read more В»
  • Looking facts and urban myths about penile enlargement? Go to the Male Sex Questions area on Kinsey Confidential.



  • Through the nineteenth century through the mid-20th century, normal age at menarche declined steadily in the us and Europe, perhaps because of improved nourishment and a decrease in strenuous physical exercise. In america, typical age at menarche declined from avove the age of 14 years in 1877 to 12.8 years in 1947. Read more В»
  • In america, the age at menarche (AAM) differs from 11.96 to 12.93 years. About 10percent of girls reach the AAM at 11 years old or more youthful, while 90% of girls reach AAM at 13.75 years with a median age of 12.43 years. Read more В»
  • African United states (12.2 years) and Hispanic (12.3) girls are apt to have a substantial earlier in the day AAM. The AAM for Asian girls is 13.00 В± 1.26 years. Read more В»

Determininants of AAM

  • Age at menarche is set to some extent by genetic and non-hereditary factors. The share of hereditary facets is approximately 57-82%. Non-hereditary facets like a childhood diet that is saturated in animal protein and reduced in vegetable protein may additionally be associated with previous menarche. Menarche has a tendency to be earlier in the day in girls with increased fat in the body and later on in girls whom work out. Read more В»
  • Greater human anatomy mass index (BMI) in girls who are only 3 years of age is linked to menarche that is early. A association that is strong big waist circumference and very early AAM has more predictive value than weight for feasible undesirable outcomes in adulthood. Read more В»
  • Eating animal protein (cow milk and meat) and soy-containing items promote very early AAM through exorbitant power consumption and overweight that is subsequent. Having said that, vegetable protein, fiber and vitamin D protect against rapid AAM. Read more В»
  • Girls subjected to regular high intensive real workouts in youth and adolescence wait AAM. Physical working out and health deficiency influences AAM and induce, a typical, 1-year wait in AAM. Read more В»
  • Undesirable youth experience, such as for example intimate punishment, liquor addicted or nervous difficult moms and dads are highly related to early AAM. Read more В»

Cancer of the breast danger linked to AAM

  • AAM is a breast cancer risk factor that is well-established. Early AAM ≤12 vs ≥ 14 is connected with increased risk of young-onset cancer of the breast and breast cancer that is invasive. Cancer of the breast risk increased by one factor of 1.050 for each 12 months younger at menarche. Read more В»
  • The longer the interval between menarche and pregnancy that is first greater is a woman’s cancer of the breast danger. Consequently, menarche-to-first maternity represents a window of the time when bust tissue is especially susceptible to carcinogenic stimuli. Read more В»
  • The average reduction in breast cancer risk associated with physical activity at different ages was 16% for adolescence, 8% for early adulthood, 15% for middle adulthood, and 17% for age 50 and older in a 2011 review by Lynch et al. Read more В»


  • Many quotes of age at normal menopause depend on examples of Caucasian women in western communities, although one worldwide research of 18,997 females from 11 nations found the median age at normal menopause to be 50 years (range, 49–52 years).
  • African-American women experience menopause 6–12 months earlier in the day than Caucasians, with a age that is median of years for African Americans.
  • For Mexican females, median many years at menopause are reported to be 48.2 years.
  • Japanese ladies reported a age that is median menopause of 50.4 years. Malaysian ladies reported a similar median age at menopause of 50.7 years. Thai females reported a age that is median menopause of 49.5 years. Filipino Malay women were reported to be an average chronilogical age of 47–48 years at menopause.

There was variability that is wide what folks start thinking about a part of “having intercourse.” Based on the research, factors of “sex” additionally diverse depending on whether or perhaps not a condom was utilized, feminine or orgasm that is male if the respondent ended up being doing or getting the stimulation. Read more В»

  • 45% of individuals considered doing manual-genital stimulation to be sex that is”having
  • 71% considered performing dental intercourse to be “sex”
  • 80.8% considered anal-genital sexual intercourse to be “sex”

See Social Science analysis on Pornography for a listing of studies on pornography

  • In a study of adolescent (10-17 y/o) internet surfers discovered 42% was indeed exposed to online pornography within the previous 12 months, with 66% of these exposures reported as undesirable. Read more В»
  • In a study that is national 14% of individuals reported having used a sexually explicit site ever. Also, 25% of guys reported visiting a pornographic website in the earlier 1 month; 4% of females reported visiting pornographic internet sites into the timeframe that is same. Read more В»

15% of males are projected to possess had sex with a prostitute. Read more В»

  • Despite typical conceptions of prostitution, just a minority of prostitutes work with the roads (10–30%). While road prostitution gets nearly all appropriate attention, a lot more prostitutes work as escorts, call girls, or in massage parlors and brothels. Read more В»
  • [KI]69% of white men had a minumum of one experience with a prostitute. (intimate Behavior in the Human Male, 1948)

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